Simien Tours in Ethiopia

Enjoy our scenic, cultural, natural, and historical tours throughout all of Ethiopia.  Experience the majestic Simien Mounts National Park with your experienced tour guide, Sahlie. Participate in the culture and understand the rich history of Ethiopia. Our tours take you there and immerse you in the amazing beauty that is Ethiopia.

Simien Tours in Ethiopia

Fourteen Day Historical Tour

Amazing historical sites including the Axumite Empire, the Queen of Sheba Baths,  and the Ark of the Covenant.

Simien Tours in Ethiopia
Simien Tours in Ethiopia

Best Seller! Nature Tour 

Begin and end in Gondar, Ethiopia. Enjoy 10 days in majestic landscapes in our 10 day Nature tour.

13 Day Omo Valley Tribal & Cultural Tour

Participate in the culture and understand the rich history of Ethiopia by visiting these fantastic places: Arbaminch, Dorze village, Lake Chamo, Turmi,Konso, Jinka,  Mursi, Yabello, Yirgalem, Bale Mountains National Park, and Awassa

Simien Mountain Tours

Explore and Discover the treasures of the Simien National Park. Sahlie, your tour experienced guide leads you to the amazing views of the Simien Mountains. We provide professional cooks and ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Camping tools: tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags (we recommend to bring yours if you can) are provided. Tables and chairs for your meals in the mountains. All riding and pack animals for the trek are provided for your convenience.

Tour group hiking near trees

Four Day Trek

Explore and Discover Simien Mountains for 4 days

Simien Tours in Ethiopia

Five Day Trek

Discover the Majestic Simien Mountains in 5 days.

Simien Tours in Ethiopia
Simien Tours in Ethiopia

Three Day Tour

Three wonderful days in the Simien Mountains

Simien Tours in Ethiopia

Seven Day Trek

Seven Day Trek in Simien Mountains

Enjoy Seven days in the Simien Mountains to explore and Discover


Simien Tours in Ethiopia
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