Services and Amenities That We Provide


  • Hotel reservations
  • Cars to and from airports and surface transports for those who want to drive across the natural and historical sites
  • Flight bookings ( Domestic flights)
  • Nature Tours (trekking and day excursion in Simien Mountains National park and other parks)
  • Historical Tours ( Old castles, unique churches, and steals)
  • Cultural Tours ( Tribes in the Omo valley, events and festivals)
  • Birding Tours (Endemic birds along the rift valley lakes, in the Bale
  • Simien Mountain

Trekking Tour Packages Include

  • Guides 
  • Professional cooks and cooking ingredients
  • Camping tools: tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags (we recommend to get yours if you can)
  • Tables and chairs for a trek in the mountains
  • Riding and pack animals while you are trekking
  • Mule keepers and so on.

Holidays in Ethiopia

January 7: Orthodox Christmas Day
January 19: Feast of Epiphany Timket
February 2: Feast of the Sacrifice Eid-ul-Adha
March 2: Battle of Adowa
April 12: Orthodox Easter Monday
April 25: Coptic Good Friday
May 2: Mulud Mulud
May 5: Patriots’ Day
May 28: End of Military Regime
September 11: Ethiopian New Year/Coptic New Year
September 27: Finding of the True Cross
November 14: End of Ramadan Eid-al-Fitr

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